Governed by the Florida Courts E-Filing Authority, the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal serves as a single, statewide access point connecting thousands of users to Florida’s court system.

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Why Use the E-Filing Portal?

Allows users to file their cases anytime. The Portal is available to registered users 24/7.

Allows users to file their cases in batches, helping attorneys and self-represented litigants save time while filing many court documents.

Allows users to file their cases from anywhere. Using the Portal, filers can upload documents from the convenience of their own home or office without stepping foot in a courthouse.

Connects thousands involved in Florida’s justice system including more than 220,000+ self-represented litigants, 82,000 attorneys, 1,400 judges, and more.

Provides a free to use service that allows users to file documents while paying the required court fees, as well as minimal payment processing fees.

Has saved filers an estimated $38 million in postage by providing a method to transfer documents without having to mail, ship, or use a courier service.




documents filed annually

10 Years

of electronic filing

Public Notices

Florida Courts E-Filing Authority Board of Directors Meeting

December 12, 2022, 3:30 pm

By WebEx Access Code: 2312 591 9113

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Have Questions?

Connect with the E-Filing Portal Support Desk. The Florida Courts E-Filing Portal provides a support desk available for all users. If you have questions about the Portal, you may contact us by phone or visit our Request E-Filing Support page. Our business hours are weekdays 8:00 am – 5:00 pm ET. When phoning the support center, please leave a message including your name, phone number and your question so that we may return your call.

SUPPORT DESK LINE: (850) 577-4609

Governed by the E-Filing Authority

The Florida Courts E-Filing Authority is an intergovernmental body comprised of the 67 elected Clerks of the Circuit and County Court and the Clerk of the Supreme Court representing Florida’s Appellate Courts. The Authority owns the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal, and the Authority Board of Directors provides governance.