My Filings

How do I know my document is really docketed at the Clerk’s office?


You will receive a Processing Completed email and the filing status is ‘Filed’ on My Filings page.

What do the filing statuses mean?


·         Validating Filing – The filing package is being created and edited to be transmitted to the clerk

·         Sending to Local System – the filing package is being transmitted to the clerk

·         Pending Filing – the filing package has been successfully transmitted to the clerk

·         Pending Review – the filing package is in the clerk’s work queue awaiting review

·         Being Reviewed – the filing package is being reviewed by the clerk

·         Pending Queue – the clerk has returned the filing to the filer for correction and included instructions on the correction needed by the filer

·         Filed for Judicial Review – a filing was placed in the Pending Queue and was not corrected by the filer within 5 business days

·         Filed – the filing has been docketed into the Clerk’s system and the clerk’s system has notified the portal that the process is complete

Can I save my filing so that I can access it at a later time or make corrections?


On the Trial Court filing path you must complete the filing.  There is no way to save a filing.  However, on the Appellate Court filing path you can resume the filing from the Workbench.

What reasons will cause a filing go to the Pending Queue?


·         Incorrect fee amount was paid

·         Unsigned document

·         Incorrect case number

·         Filed to the wrong county

·         Document is corrupt

·         Other reasons determined by the clerk


The Clerk will annotate the deficiency in the Completion Date/Remarks column of the My Filings page.

How do we know which document has the error when a filing is in the pending queue and more than one document is in the submission?


The Clerk will name the document that has the deficiency and annotate that deficiency in the Completion Date/Remarks column of the My Filings page.